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College Humor dA Theft

Mon Aug 18, 2014, 1:27 AM

I'm sure a lot of you know and love the College Humor YT channel. However on July 14th, they uploaded a video with some stolen artwork.

:bulletwhite:[The video]

At 2:40 there's a drawing of a cat-girl which can originally be found here:

:bulletwhite:Fan Art - 4 - Gabieh
:bulletwhite:By: devRY0USAKA1

Not only did College Humor not get permission to use this drawing but they also edited out the artists signature. Neither the video nor description provide any credit to the original artist. In fact, the original artist even contacted College Humor over this, but they more or less ended up being completely ignored. To try and get some help with the theft, they posted a Journal and Facebook message (Scroll down for English text).

Is it really that hard to provide a link to the artists dA and include their name in the video description? Though considering College Humor videos are monetized, doesn't the artist deserve at least some compensation for their work? I've posted this same information on the video itself as a comment, and I've seen others standing up for the victim as well. So I guess we'll have to wait and see how College Humor responds. But yeah, stealing and art theft is wrong, it doesn't matter how famous the channel or popular the person.

damphyr Leggy

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SilentMortal Featured By Owner 4 days ago

So i've recently discovered that Resident Evil had it's own novels (Yeah, I know. i've never looked into it before) And wondered if you knew, and by any chance, ever read any of these comics? Most of the were written by some woman named ''S.D Perry'', and to be fair, they looked promising. I've been considering buying one of two of them, if the price is cheap.

Here's the basic wiki page of all the novels:…

Again, I don't know if you even read them before. I'm assuming the latter since I never seen you talk about them. But if that is case, then maybe it would be cool of you to loom into them and give your opinions about them. :) They look promising to me, and i'm definitely considering getting them.

They have a novel which centers around the events of RE2 (Although oddly enough, it follows the ''Leon A Claire B'' scenario rather then the canon ''Claire A Leon B'' one. I guess they thought the former was canonical at the time.)

Another one i'm thinking of buying is the Code Veronica novel. But i've seen some pages of that comic, and...well, the dialogue and some of the scenes that were written into the comic are...uhm...interesting. 

For example, I remember seeing a sample page in the CV novel where Claire finds a clone of herself in a test-tube, dressed in her RE2 get-up...and then the clone explodes.

I have no idea what that was about, or how that even made sense. Who made the clone, Alexia? How was she able to recreate Claire and give her the same outfit she wore Raccoon City? Why did she even create a clone to in the place? I don't know, since I haven't read the novel yet. But it looked retarded to be honest. Not as retarded as the whole Carla nonsense from RE6 tho.

Anyway, I just thought i'd mention this to you and wondered what you're thoughts about it were, and if you even read them before.

Stay awesome~
DoubleLeggy Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
I have; I've read Umbrella Conspiracy, City of the Dead, Code Veronica, Caliban Cove, and Underworld. All of those are novels though, not comics. And for the most part they're pretty good! Though I'd be lying if I didn't say they were more or less glorified fanfictions. As you said, they tend to follow non-canonical paths such as LeonA ClaireB. Perry also was writing these as the games were still being released so there tends to be a lot of continuity errors that she has to explain in a preface for later books; One example being that in the first book:

she writes Jill leaving the country at the end, only to have RE3 Nemesis be made so she basically has to "undo" that.

As for the interesting Code Veronica scene... That never happens?! I re-read the CV Novel almost a year ago and... yeah that just never happens. It's even the same book with the blue-faced zombie on the cover, unless there was some re-released version full of WTFness? If anything, the Code Veronica book is probably one of the more spot-on of the series if I remember right, save for Claire and Steve sticking together more often throughout.

But anyway, over all the books are a nice read especially for fans. The continuity errors are understandable at least given how they were written as the game series was released. I will admit that the original books (Caliban Cove, Underworld) are lackluster in comparison to the adaptations, and some of Perry's original characters can come off as a bit "overpowered" or Mary-Sueish, but they generally come in small quantities. She also kind of adopts Rebecca as her personal favorite and gives her a bit more love than other characters if I recall correctly. So there's some flaws, but nothing too terrible.
SilentMortal Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Oh. So you think they're worth getting? The way you described them, they sound worth it. I didn't expect them to be masterpieces anyway. just as long as they're enjoyable to read. These are the ones we're talking of, aren't they?…

Novels...But i've seen comic book-styled pages that had a connection to S.D Perry's books. Or are they a separate entity?

Lolhuh? But...I could've sworn i've seen a page (that exactly resembles the art style of the S.D Perry books which featured that I mention word-for-word. Either that, or i'm losing my shit.
ChaosCat08 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
DoubleLeggy Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Sho' thang.
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